School Mangement System

This software helpful to keep the Acadamic, Student details, Student fees details, Reports and other details between parents and managements.

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Install in my system Help on installation

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Support Mutliple Systems

School Software support mutliple system as data hold in the Cloud server!

Support either fee structures

School Software support monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Yearly fee strucuture during setup.

Support Financial Year

Easy to setup new financial year based.

Multiple Reports and consolidated yearly reports.

View the reports by date wise. And consolidated report for financial Year.

Bulk export using Excel Template

No need to worry to upload the student details, just use the template to export the students.

Installation Process

Just one click away to install this software.

Promoting Students to next Acadamic Year.

Simply promote the using for next Acadamic Year.

Daily Attendance Status

Staff/Admin can update the daily attendance status for student by class wise.

Holidays / Announcements / Events

Staff/Admin can add/update Holiday, Announcements and Events .

Subjects By Class

Adding Subjects by class and assign the Homework by subject to the students

Exam Time Table

Add the Exam Time Table by classs wise.

Fees Reports

View the Fees details and download the report in the excel fine.
Also can see the consolidated fees report by Year for all the students!